Learn How “Visit Tracking” & "Page View Tracking" Can Revolutionize Your Pay-Per-Click Campaign

Many affiliate program managers use PPC campaigns to bring traffic from partner websites to theirs. In most cases, they don’t profit from someone actually just clicking on their affiliates’ links and banners. This was the dilemma; Visit & Page View Tracking within ROIAdvantage is TrackingSoft’s solution.

With Visits Tracking, affiliate marketers can observe not only the successful display of the target page, but the quality of the visit generated! This unique function allows advertisers to determine how many page views were generated by the visitor, which will assist in measuring the quality of traffic referred by a given affiliate, creative, or channel.

ROIA also takes Visits & Page Views Tracking to the next logical level. By configuring a minimum number of pages that an affiliate-referred visitor must view before the publisher receives a commission for this referral, you can actually structure commissions based on quality visits rather than just clicks. With ROIAdvantage and TrackingSoft’s Advanced Web Analytics package, the technical and analytical power is yours to leverage in whatever way you find most appropriate to your campaigns.

This (far from exhaustive) list shows how Visit & Page View Tracking improves return on investment and helps an affiliate ad campaign M.A.K.E. money:

  • Maximizes the advertising dollar spent by only paying for quality traffic.
  • Adds potential for earning advertising revenue by offering a proven metric for quality of traffic brought into the site to view new ads.
  • Keys on which affiliates/creatives/channels are producing the high quality traffic the site is looking for by using the detailed, drill-down reports of the visits that are tracked.
  • Expands web presence by providing detailed Search Engine Optimization (SEO) reports on visits generated by all keywords used to reach the site, both purchased and organic!

Another innovative affiliate tracking solution, tailored to increase your R.O.I., exclusively available from TrackingSoft. Feel free to look around the web; we’ve worked hard to provide this special tracking option, and are confident you won’t find it anywhere else.