Make Your Affiliate Links More Useful & Easier to Create With Our New "Clean Linking" Technology!

Why shouldn't links from affiliates to your page look just like any other link? Many in the affiliate industry have long accepted the need for tracking data in affiliate links, or for redirect links to take the visitor to the tracking server before they arrive at the intended site. While traditional (redirect) linking and direct linking definitely still have their places, Clean Linking comes as a response to those who have asked time and again for a tracking solution that allows affiliates to link directly to the advertiser's page, with no need for the link to appear any different than any other link on the web.

Let's say you're promoting Traditional linking required your affiliates to place links pointing to, but provided dependable tracking. Direct linking was the next industry standard, allowing links to These links helped search engine popularity and in building brand, but still looked "different" to some.

Now, Clean Linking allows affiliates to register their domain with your affiliate program once. After that, they can place links from any page on their site to any page on yours, and any traffic generated will be tracked as referred by the affiliate. So now to link to, your affiliates' links actually say!

Simple looking links, with the tracking know-how of Trackingsoft and the AffiliateTracking Network to back them up. Check out ROIAdvantage and Clean Linking today!