The Kit-Cat® Klock had its humble beginning in the mid 1930's when it brought mystery and excitement with its rolling eyes and wagging tail to an economically depressed nation ready for a smile and a friend. Since then, Kit-Cat® has been developing into a recognizable character in cartoons, books, on clothing and other exciting products! We cordially invite you to join in the history of Kit-Cat and bring to market one of the most recognizable characters in American history! By choosing to participate in our affiliate program you will have access to our entire line of Kit-Cat® merchandise. That includes our limited edition collectible clocks and our extensive inventory of licensed products. All you need to do is place one of our banner ads on your site. It will link directly to our home page. Your unique affiliate ID number will travel with your customer as they shop our site. When your customer decides to place an order with us, you receive 7.5% of the total merchandise ordered (excluding tax, shipping, and handling). Even if the customer doesn't make a purchase that day, you can still receive your commission if they return to our website and places an order within 30 days; you'll be credited for the sale!
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