ROIA Updated

Recent ROIA updates have added new and improved the functionality of several existing features.

Improved Campaign Traffic Capping – Campaign traffic capping has been expanded to allow setting these by impression count, click count, visits count, conversion amount, and conversion count. These can also be set for specific periods of time being a cap for the day, month, or total. When the traffic cap criteria is reached the campaign is automatically paused and doesn't track any further actions for the cap timeframe. As part of this upgrade, the campaign running status has also been updated to provide easier and more through control over campaign settings. There are now three different statuses: running (started), paused (not started but can be automatically start), and stopped (not started and can only be started manually).

New API Version Release – ROIA's newest API has been released adding several features including: the ability to add and edit publisher accounts, subscribe and revoke publisher access to campaigns and programs, assign and revoke creatives from campaigns, and view/edit campaign details. Additionally, some of the previously available methods for managing objects have been combined to make them more efficient. For example, previously many objects each had separate methods available for their creation. These have been combined into a single method with an "entity string" that is used to specify the type of object to be made. All scripts built using the previous methods should still continue to work, though we strongly encourage that they be checked and updated if needed. The API also now includes access for administrators allowing them to build custom scripts for their needs. For specific details of the API's functionality, please refer to the guide available in the help menu of your login.

Enhanced Fraud Protection Controls – The ability to block duplicate conversions by the visitor's IP address has been improved to make this feature more flexible. Blocking conversions by IP address has been updated to allow control over if an action is blocked or tracked depending on the custom id.

Advertiser Panel Events Log Added – Access to the system events log has been added to the advertiser login panels. This screen provides details about when objects in their account where update, what changes were made to them, and which user made the changes.