Recent ROIA Upgrades

ROIAdvantage, TrackingSoft's state-of-the-art tracking platform, has recently had several big updates, which have improved ROIA's creative importing/exporting, object management, and troubleshooting capabilities.

Both the ability to import and export creatives from ROIA have been improved. It is now possible to import creatives with multiple links, making it easier to add large numbers of creatives that will utilize ROIA's A/B testing capabilities. It is also now possible to display and download the encoded tracking links for multiple publishers and creatives at one time, making obtaining these codes quicker and easier.

The ability to apply actions to the various objects within ROIA has also been updated, enabling them to be applied more accurately and efficiently. Actions can now be applied to objects from within ROIA's reports, allowing an advertiser to make changes based on an object’s performance without needing to change between screens. Additionally, actions can now be applied to all objects appearing in a search’s results at one time.

ROIA's troubleshooting tools have also been improved to assist advertisers in resolving any problems they may have. The main update is the ability to search and download the webserver logs, which can show information not available within the normal reports. Furthermore, log files for import jobs can now be downloaded directly from the system.