Bulk Creative Import and Referrer Domain Categories Added

Recent ROIA updates have added the ability to perform bulk creative imports and the ability to setup and track categories of traffic based on the traffic's referring domain. Additionally, this update also included minor changes to add new abilities to several existing features: scheduled email reports, the payments wizard, A/B testing links, and obtaining publisher creative codes.

Bulk Creatives Import – The ability to bulk import creatives is being added to ROIA, allowing multiple creatives to be easily and quickly added to the system. Imports are done by uploading a CSV file containing columns containing the information needed to build a creative.

Referrer Domain Categories – This new feature is available as part of the referrer domain reporting feature of the Advanced Analytics add-on package. Referral domains can now be categorized within ROIA. These categories can then be viewed in the reporting to see easily see what type of sites your publishers are placing creatives on and which are most successful. Categories can also be used to ignore traffic (traffic won't earn commissions) from any type of websites that you do not want to include in your program, making it a powerful time-saving feature for marketers that are looking to avoid traffic from certain domains. ROIA comes with numerous system defined categories, which are pre-populated with domains based on a third party source. Advertisers are also able to generate their own custom categories, which can include any domains they want.

Scheduled email reports – The scheduled email reporting feature has been updated so that reports can now be sent every X hours (minimum period is every 3 hours), enabling easy access to more current information. Also included in this update is the ability to send reports without placing them in a zip archive first, so devices incapable of handling a zip archive are still able to access reports automatically sent by email.

Payment Module Update – ROIA's publisher payment module has also been updated allowing advertisers to deduct payment processing fees from their publishers' commissions. This provides more flexibility when preparing publisher payments.

Creative A/B Testing – The number of links that can be assigned to a creative for A/B testing landing pages has been raised to 50 links. Additionally, each link can now have its priority weighted, allowing control over which landing pages are used more often.

Creative Code Bulk Exporting – Publisher encoded creatives can now be obtained with every combination of placements and channels. Using this allows multiple variations of a publisher code to be quickly obtained, making it easier to switch between placements or channels as needed.