CommunitySEO allows searchers to save time and money by connecting with the right businesses quickly and easily. We make it simple for people to find the very best information, communities and businesses online. We do that with listing small businesses that pay to submit to our directory. In return, they gain a search result for their brand terms, and receive the SEO benefits from one of the only modern co-citation directories on the web. This is a great affiliate program for veteran and new affiliates. Veterans affiliates will benefit from a unique product with low competition both between affiliates and in the space itself, and new affiliates will find an easy to promote product to their peer groups and communities with minimal effort. This is a CPS program which pays 50% of the sale price to affiliates. We're very interested in making our affiliates successful and will do whatever we can with creative, specifically copy and keyword research to help make that happen.
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This directory provides a free listing for websites with affiliate programs. has no affiliation with and takes no responsibility for the actions of any affiliate program contained within this directory. If you would like to participate in professional's network please find more information here (for affiliates) and here (for merchants).