New Features Added To ROIA

ROIA has been updated with two new features, which allow notes to be added to the publisher’s interface, and global pixel echoing.

Publisher interface notes – When running an affiliate program, communication between the advertiser and their publishers is important. In order to assist in making this process easier, ROIA now allows advertisers to add notes to their publishers’ login interfaces. This enables advertisers to be able to easily communicate with their publishers in more ways to provide additional information, help, or notify them of upcoming changes. Once created the notes are visible to every publisher when the login.

Global echoing – This feature has been added to ROIA’s conversion tracking codes and page trackers. Once enabled this feature allows codes from third party tracking systems to be entered into ROIA and then echoed when the appropriate ROIA tracking code is loaded. Using this makes it easy to integrate ROIA with third party tracking systems, since you only need to place one set of codes on a website and the rest are included every time the page is loaded by being echoed.