ROIA's Reporting Updated

ROIA's reporting abilities have been updated to provide advertiser’s with more comprehensive reports, giving them additional tools to better judge and improve the performance of their program. This update has added a new referring domains report and changed how the eCPC field is calculated in the other reports.

Referring domains report – A new report has been added to any accounts that have the Advanced Analytics add-on. This new report is available as a drill-down and will show the different performance of the domains that are referring traffic to your site. This new report improves ROIA's ability to help you determine where your referred traffic is coming from. For example, this report can be used with ROIA's drill-down ability to help determine where a publisher is placing creatives.

Effective CPC calculation change – The eCPC (effective CPC) column in the reporting has been updated to calculate the based on the total number of clicks instead of the unique number. So the new calculation is based on the commissions divided by the total number of clicks. This change has been made to better conform to industry standards.