EARN RECURRING COMMISSIONS... With Our Two Tier Affiliate Program,Every new customer is your customer for life! Dear entrepreneur, Affiliate programs are the ideal way to make profitable income, especially when you stumble on a product that sells fast and pays you a high commissions. We will provide you with a FREE Marketing Website and we will show you how to really make money online - no bull, no hype here. Our FREE program is perfect for seasoned WebMasters and for Newbies that never had a website before. We will provide you with step by step instructions on how to help you resell our Dropship Packages. Our affiliate program is completety FREE and will require only 5 minutes of your time. WHAT WILL I BE SELLING? Everybody's been so busy selling websites to people that already have products to sell, trying to get them online with a nice looking website. The one thing that most people don't realize is there are 30 million other people who don't have products, but still want to get online and start a business. And that's a much bigger market! You will be selling our DROPSHIP PACKAGES which caters to beginners as well as seasoned webmasters. Our DROPSHIP PACKAGES will include thousands of products at the lowest wholesale prices which we place on a website that we build for the buyer. The website comes with a control panel which allows the owner to furthermore customize the site by changing the website template, adding company logo, banners, links to other sites, etc. Prices on the merchandise can also be changed, new products can be added and much more You are paid on sales as follows; £49.99 for each dropship combo plan you sell, £39.99 for each dropship feed plan you sell, £29.99 for each for each dropship website plan you sell, £24.99 for each dropship auction plan you sell, £9.99 for each dropship basic plan you sell. 2% lifetime recurring commission will be paid on all sales under you
Tiers: 2
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