Conversion Path Tracking

Several new reports have been recently added to show additional information on the objects involved in influencing a visitor to convert.

Cloud Resources Added

The existing ROIAdvantage data center infrastructure has been expanded to support the use of cloud resources.

TrackingSoft is Hiring

Trackingsoft is looking for Senior Java Web App Developers.

Upgraded ROIA Features

ROIAdvantage has been updated with the below new and improved features.

ROIA Updated

Recent ROIA updates have added new and improved the functionality of several existing features.

ROIA Feature Improvements

ROIA has been updated to improve several features.

New Features Added

A recent update to ROIA has added two new features to improve the system functionality.

Recent ROIA Upgrades

ROIAdvantage, TrackingSoft's state-of-the-art tracking platform, has recently had several big updates, which have improved ROIA's creative importing/exporting, object management, and troubleshooting capabilities.

Bulk Creative Import and Referrer Domain Categories Added

Recent ROIA updates have added the ability to perform bulk creative imports and the ability to setup and track categories of traffic based on the traffic's referring domain.

New Features Added To ROIA

ROIA has been updated with two new features, which allow notes to be added to the publisher’s interface, and global pixel echoing.