ebook: Choose the gender of your next baby naturally, have a baby boy or girl 98 times out of 100 with natural methods...Don't leave having kids to choose whether you have a boy or a girl. (Pays 45% via Clickbank.)
Tiers: 1
Software: Clickbank has a great program for webmasters with family based sites, parenting sites, youth sites, job sites, or really, anyone! An au pair is a young woman or man who comes into a family's home and helps take care of the children. One could think of an au pair as a cross between a student exchange and a nanny. We pay $2/lead for family leads from the US or UK and $.25/lead for au pair leads from anywhere in the world. Our tracking lasts a full 365 days. Easy forms = easy leads!
Admin: Brad
Tiers: 1
Software: Shareasale
Fundraising for Real People is a unique fundraising ebook that fills an informational void in the market. Ideal seller for websites and newsletters aimed at parents, teachers, schools, daycares, kid's sports, scouting, clubs, and small non-profit organizations. Administered by ClickBank with 30% commission.
Admin: Chris
Tiers: 1
Software: ClickBank
Do Parents Visit Your Website? More than 60%of parents feel that they are ill equipped to meet the emotional and social needs of their children. Now There's Help for Every Parent... The Behavior Store has brought together dozens of proven, effective, parenting tools that turn bad behavior into good behavior. These fun-to-use products have been used successfully in over 50,000 schools to help children learn to express and control their emotions, their anger, and more. Earn 10% on Every Sale!!!
Admin: Robert
Tiers: 2
Software: DirectTrack offers the most beautiful and unique baby gifts. From special baby clothes and toys to many personalized items and higher ticket purchases, there is something for every shopper. The design and navigation have received fantastic reviews and we have had excellent conversion rates because we have the best products. Your contacts will love the connection to us. We offer an 11% commission and a 30 day cookie with a $25 payout level. is growing so join with us today.
Admin: stuart
Tiers: 1
Software: In house software
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