Increase your link popularity and strengthen your brand.

We've all been hyped on using the affiliate networks to get more exposure and affiliates for our programs. But is the extra traffic a few additional affiliates generate really worth the high price you pay for their services, especially considering the inability to link affiliates directly to your domain?

For some the issue is one of integrity. They feel their program is too new to generate much affiliate interest, so they opt for the url, name and overall backend support of a large affiliate network, as opposed to 3rd party solutions that allow for individual branding at a reasonable rate. For others it is an issue of prestige. "My competitors are joining these large affiliate networks, and so should I." "Affiliates won't look at an affiliate program seriously unless it is part of a network." While these statements ring true, they do not represent the majority.

In either scenario, you're losing valuable links and organic search placement to the affiliate networks in exchange for a few performers. Affiliates are versatile. They branch out and promote network enabled, in house and 3rd party based affiliate programs. Affiliates may enjoy the payout frequency of network enabled programs, but you could give them larger commissions outside the network since the high network fees are no longer a factor. Why not benefit from your affiliate channel beyond additional sales? Take back your links, build your brand and reduce ppc ad spend.